swank restaurant dinner

at Swank Restaurant

daily | 5-10pm



Briar Rose chèvre, chimichurri, radish

smoked salmon and farm chicories   12

crisp winter roots, orange rind

baby gem   11

white anchovies, reggianno parmesan, croutons, roasted garlic lemon dressing


Callisto cow   10

Dundee, Oregon prickly pear preserve, urfa pepper

halloumi cow, goat, sheep   10

Cyprus, Greece Honey, pickled peppers, flatbread

butterbloom cow   10

Dundee, Oregon cranberry gastrique, butternut crisp


broccoli and aged white cheddar soup   11

horseradish, rye croutons

Wagyu BEEF TARTARE*   15

classic accompaniments, crusty bread


savoy cabbage, peanut, savory caramel

foraged mushroom and beef stroganoff   21

Hen Of The Woods, yucca, créme fraiche

batada vada (spiced potato fritters)   14

tamarind chutney, green corriander, yogurt, mint

cassoulet   16

white northern beans, oxtail, roots, cured duck

Chicken and pork dumplings   15

Sriracha verde, pickles, butter lettuce

oyster casino   4 each

buttermilk fried, bacon chutney, Jimmy Nardellos



slow cooked beef shank, parsnip, sauce vert

New bedford sea scallops   34

butternut squash, braised leek, bacon brodo

hill ranch pork tenderloin schnitzel   26

warm sauerkraut, yeasted apples, head jus

Heirloom grain risotto   21

pumpkin, kale, European cheeses, puffed rice

line-caught red banded rockfish  29

roasted peanut crust, crisp fried rice and charred pineapple ‘salad’

‘Peking’ duck*   34

breast and leg, sweet potato hoisin, scallion pancakes

mary’s farm 1/2 chicken tikka masala   26

garbanzos, lacinato kale. masala sauce

Harris Ranch hanging tender of beef*  37

  duck fat fingerling, cippollini onion, foie enriched jus

swank burger*   17

Painted Hills house grind, smoked remoulade, bread and butter pickles, shaved onion, aged white cheddar



Briar Rose goats milk feta

esquites (cauliflower parfait)   11

smoked jalapeno, cotija, lime

young carrots   9

French curry, cardamon spiced yogurt, mint

Roasted brussels   10

parsnip. preserved lemon, anchovy


Goat Cheese custard   10

Mountain Rose apples, cajeta, oatmeal streusel

Chocolate cheesecake   10

stout sorbet, espresso

Frozen Pumpkin Pie   10

heirloom pumpkin ice cream, cranberry, pepitas and brown butter

house made ice cream or sorbet   8

daily offerings

executive chef Alexander Sullivan-Parker

fresh. local. handcrafted. locally sourced daily.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. Tartare contains raw beef and raw quail yolk. Oysters served raw. Steaks, duck breast, burger, trout, halibut, and scallops are all cooked to order.

Due to the seasonal nature of our fare, our inventory changes frequently. The menu shown above may differ slightly from today’s offerings.